High-speed. Lightweight. Perfect for making clean cuts into newly poured concrete.

  • Great for relief joint sawing in new concrete.
  • Powered by a 7hp Subaru engine with two-stage air filtration.
  • Adjustable handle height for operator comfort

The SG10, the fastest saw on the market, can be used to make clean cuts into newly poured “green” concrete or general slab cutting. The combination of a center mounted blade and dual roller guides gives the operator the tools to make straight cuts everytime. Unique 6000rpm blade shaft speed allows the blade to “slice” through green concrete cleanly, without disturbing the Aggregate.

Product Description

More Features

  • Self guided front &rear control bars keep you cutting straight.
  • Large polyurethane wheels with sealed ball bearings for smooth tracking.
  • 2” vacuum port to assist in dust control.
  • No special skid plates required. Standard 5/8” arbour.
  • Mounted blade for straight cuts every time.
  • Adjustable handle height for operator comfort.

Bartell Speed-Matched Blades

All 10” blades are safety rated for “6115 rpm”, but most are not tensioned properly to run that fast. Use our speed-matched blades to eliminate wobbling, keeping your cut spall free. Bartell Speed-Matched Blades

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Тип Бензин
Двигатель Robin EX21
Выходная мощность 7 л.с.
Вес 50 кг
Глубина резания 82 мм
Размер лезвия 254 мм
Стандартный размер беседки 15.88 мм
Регулировка глубины Поворот ручки


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