CT 320 Double Rear Wheels

CT 320 Double Rear Wheels

The Standard Version of the CT 320 comes with two Rear Wheels which run in the already cut track. Using TCT Cutters this version has advantages. The following track can be set side by side.

Using Diamond Blades, especially the full set, two wheels runing in the track have some disadvantages. The cutting depth cannot be precisely set. The Rear Wheels fall into the already cut track and by doing so change the depth. Also misalignments will multiply specially on long tracks.

Double Rear Wheels always run on the surface of the floor. Exact cutting depths can be achieved. The disadvantage is, that the following track alongside has to be left out. This means only the first, third, fifth… tracks are cut. The remaining ones have to be removed in a second go with a cutting depth set differently.

Технические характеристики

Rear Axis with two wheels on each side.

The outside wheels can be taken off.

Weight: 11 kg